Roof Access Hatches

For safe internal access/egress to the roof area

Roof access hatches are the perfect solution where safe internal access and egress to your roof is available for maintenance personnel.

Designed to suit a variety of metal deck roof profiles and concrete hobs, Anchor Safe access hatches can be custom fabricated or supplied and installed from a range of standard sizes. We offer customised roof access hatches in Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra.

Where space is limited below the roof hatch, lightweight fold-down ladders can be installed to provide safe and compliant access. The Vista range of fold-down roof access ladders allow access from floor level to the ceiling and beyond for external or internal roof maintenance. When not needed these folding ladders are stored neatly in the ceiling leaving the floor space to be clear for normal activities.

Our fold down roof access ladders are:

  • Suitable for ceilings up to 4.3m in height
  • Have 150kg safe working load
  • Offer soft closing mechanism, suited to frequent use

We install two styles of industrial/commercial rated zincalume roof hatches. The sliding hatch door leaves the entry point clear. The hinged roof hatch opens to a full 90 degrees, making it easy and safe to climb in and out of the building. The twin gas struts hold the roof access hatch open so the worker is free to use both hands to hold on to the ladder or railing.

Both roof hatch models are low profile and can be powdercoated to blend into the roof surface. The insulated, dual skin limits the noise penetration.


The roof access hatches we recommend offer:

  • Choice of lift & tilt or sliding openings
  • Zincalume construction with the option to powdercoat
  • Easy installation and a low profile
  • Gas strut-assisted lid for frequent usage
  • Safe functioning in windy and extreme conditions (slide format)
  • Robust, high strength construction
  • Standard and custom sizes available

Roof access hatches we supply:

  • Skydore
Roof Access Hatches & Ladders

Perfect example of how a fold down roof access ladder and hatch system can work in conjunction with each other.

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