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Ensure you meet stringent Australian height safety requirements and get the right gear for the job – let Anchor Safe advise you on and supply your working at heights equipment. Anchor Safe offers only the highest quality safety equipment that is designed with safety at the forefront. We handpick our safety gear from the best suppliers with emphasis on safety, reliability and comfort.

With over 15 years experience serving Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Albury, speak to us for quality advice and solutions backed by real world practical experience.

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                 Rescue Equipment 


Choosing the right height safety gear

Not all height safety equipment is made equal or interchangeable. When choosing your safety gear for working at height, you need to consider what’s right for the job. Height safety equipment must not only minimise risk to health and safety but also be suitable for the nature of the work and hazards associated with the project.

It’s always important that your personal height safety gear is comfortable, flexible, and allows you to safely move and work without impediment. While price is always an important factor, comfort, quality, longevity, and the peace of mind that your gear will keep you safe in the event of an accident are important to keep in mind.

Your fall protection harness is the most essential part of your kit. Under Australian standards it is a legal requirement that everyone working at heights must wear a full-body harness – so it’s important that you test your height safety harness and feel completely comfortable in it at all times.

With such a wide range of height safety equipment available it’s important to seek professional advice on what’s right for you, your budget, and the job you’re doing. Anchor safe has a range of high quality gear to suit individual needs and any working at height situation.

Height safety equipment inspection and certification

Australian height safety standards require that all personal use equipment (harness, lanyard, connectors and fall arrest devices) and common use equipment (ropes, slings, fall arrest devices and mobile attachment devices) are inspected by the competent operator before and after each use. Where the operator is not competent (e.g. during operator training), these inspections should be carried out by a qualified height safety expert.

About Anchor Safe

Anchor Safe is a proven and respected name in accredited height safety serving clients across Australia for over 15 years. Driven by a dedicated team of highly experienced height safety specialists, Anchor Safe is the 1st choice for  Councils, Facility Managers and Retail to ensure they meet safety compliance standards and their rooftops are kept safe.

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