Anchor Safe Systems provides modular access and height safety solutions, designed and manufactured in Australia,  for the most demanding applications and industries. Anchor Safe aims to supply and install, leading market designs of quality compliant height safety equipment, as well as safe roof access systems & fall protection solutions ensuring the safety of all involved in industries including work at heights.

We're specialised in:

Step Ladders, Static Line Systems, Roof Hatches Access, Ladder Systems, Height Safety Equipment, Guardrails, Anchor Point Systems

The team at Anchor Safe Systems have been assisting property managers and organizations in the workplace throughout the past 8 years with their innovative and quality assured height safety solutions. You can be assured the experience and knowledge at Anchor Safe, has not been gained without blood, sweat and tears! With over 40 years of involvement in the building & construction industry and the design of innovative, modular user friendly systems,  we guarantee - YOUR SAFETY is our main CONCERN!

Our expertise has been engaged across the whole spectrum of the building and construction industry from Hydro Power Stations, Paper and Newsprint Mills, Institutional and Health Facilities,  through to Shopping Centers, Commercial & Industrial Complexes, Schools, Local Government Bodies, Council Sewer & Water Pump Stations and Water Reservoirs.

When working at heights Anchor Safe Systems is the respected name to trust in for quality!