Plant Platforms

Prefabricated, modular components ensuring simple, rapid installation

Plant Platforms and Gantry Walkways

Anchor Safe specialises in the supply, installation, certification, and maintenance of a range of height safety platforms and gantry walkways to meet the safety and certification standards of Australian businesses and industries.

For workplaces needing to provide regular access to machinery and equipment at height, our high-grade aluminium platforms provide safe, reliable, and convenient access that meets all relevant Australian standards and codes.

Anchor Safe plant platforms and gantry walkways are highly cost-effective, maintenance-free, and available across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Albury, and their surrounding regions.

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Platform Features:

  • Purpose-designed and built to suit your application
  • Prefabricated, modular components ensure simple, rapid installation
  • Locally manufactured from high strength industrial grade aluminium
  • Maintenance-free, non-corrosive materials
  • Specially designed to increase the durability of your roof, protecting against damage and roof leaks
  • Options for treatment with specialised anti-slip coatings
  • Fully compliant with all relevant Australian height safety standards including AS 1657:2018

Common uses of platforms include:

  • Reaching rooftop HVAC systems for essential servicing
  • Access from one level to another
  • An accelerated route through an industrial or construction site
  • Reducing or spreading weight loads on the surface of roofs

Plant Platforms Designed, Installed, and Certified

Plant Platforms provide safe and compliant access to machinery and elevated equipment to enhance the process of inspection, cleaning, and maintenance. Platforms are carefully designed to provide stability and grip allowing workers to carry out repairs and maintenance in confidence.

Plant platforms are commonly used in rooftop height safety systems for areas that require regular and ongoing maintenance such as HVAC systems or cooling towers. This allows for safe access for employees and reduces the weight loads on the roof, allowing heavy machinery or equipment to be housed without causing any damage to the surface of the roof.

We understand that not all sites are the same, and that’s where our custom-made plant platforms come in – designed to suit the specific needs of your site and built to withstand the heavy loads associated with plant machinery. 

All our platforms are compliant with recommended Australian standards including AS 1657:2018. They are ideal for any construction site or building, adding value to the property and ensuring the health and safety of its workers.


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Concept to Reality. Design drawings of a plant platform and access ladder system with a photo of the system after installation

Gantry Walkways

Our modular gantry walkways (or access platforms) have many features that enable them to perform in a wide range of environments. Their lightweight aluminium construction is strong, low maintenance, and non-corrosive making it suitable for internal or external use. 

Cold environments, such as food processing plants often require access platforms to allow access chillers, etc. These platforms are treated with an anti-slip coating, further reducing the risk of injury.

Features include:

  • Ease of access 
  • Modular design with replaceable components  
  • Platform size and height are adjustable to suit specific site requirements 
  • Stairways are adjustable to suit the final platform height 
  • Suited to free-standing construction where required 
  • Designed to meet AS1657:2018 requirements

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Access platform system proving safe and secure access to industrial silos

Cooling Tower Platforms

If you have a cooling tower or HVAC system on your site, you know maintenance is something you need to stay on top of with monthly inspections, rigorous testing, and cleaning regimes. Every state in Australia has legislation relating to cooling tower maintenance that building owners and facility managers must comply with.

Australian Legislation requires cooling towers to be inspected every month, cleaned every six months, and certified annually. The more frequent the access, the more frequent the risk. 

That’s why we recommend installing permanent rooftop access systems including walkways, guardrails, and platforms for cooling tower maintenance. Cost-effective and easy to maintain, these in-built systems provide the highest level of fall prevention for people working on rooftop cooling towers. 

Anchor Safes plant platforms have proven to boost confidence levels for workers inspecting, maintaining & cleaning cooling towers. Providing a safe working environment is critical, especially at heights.

Cooling Tower Platform Features include:

  • Facilitates on-site construction allowing site-specific design flexibility and attachment to the structure
  • Manufactured from industrial-grade lightweight aluminium 
  • High strength bracing system allows platforms to be free-standing up to 6.0m 
  • Designed to meet AS1657:2018 requirements
  • Platform size and height are adjustable to suit specific site requirements

Suspended platforms and walkways

Anchor Safe’s suspended platforms provide safe and convenient access in ceiling spaces or above heavy machinery or plant equipment for maintenance. All platforms and supports are adjustable allowing on-site customisation where required with supports at approx. 2.0m intervals depending on required loads and spans. Platforms are designed in accordance with the Australian standards AS1657:2018

Features include:

    • Lightweight for less load on the structure
    • No crane required for installation
    • Fits into tight spaces
    • No welding/hot works on-site
    • Cost-effective compared to steel
    • Designed to meet AS1657:2018 requirements
    • All platforms and supports are adjustable allowing on-site customisation where required

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Suspended platforms providing safe access routes above the machinery level of a large warehouse manufacturing facility

Portable platforms

The Anchor Safe team prides itself in creating ease of access through simple height safety designs. Our portable access platforms ensure the safety of workers whilst having the flexibility to move the system to utilise anywhere.

Features include:

    • Lightweight – easy maneuvering across surfaces 
    • Tailored design to suit the application 
    • Designed to meet AS1657:2018 requirements

Portable access platform on wheels

Keep your team safe while working at heights

Workers who regularly operate at height, whether on roofs or fixing machinery, will benefit from being able to safely and easily maneuver using bespoke industrial safety platforms. Workers need confidence when operating at heights, Anchor safes platforms boost confidence levels at any height. If you’re looking for the safest and most reliable plant platforms to help your team access a range of equipment at heights, why not get in touch. We are ready to find the best quality solution for your needs.

Every height safety equipment item we supply, including fixed platforms, walkways, guardrails, stairways, and ladders is custom-built to specifications and fully compliant with AS/NZ standards. 

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2 Anchor Safe team members wearing height safety harnesses where an FRP walkway has been installed for access to roof top machinery

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Anchor Safe is a proven and respected name in accredited height safety across Australia. Driven by a dedicated team of highly experienced height safety specialists, Anchor Safe is the 1st choice of Councils, Facility Managers, and Retail to ensure they meet safety compliance standards and their rooftops are kept safe.


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