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Our Aluminum walkway systems are highly cost-effective & maintenance-free

Certified Roof Safety Access Walkways

Anchor Safe design, supply and install aluminium walkway systems to meet your height safety compliance and access needs. Anchor Safe walkway systems are highly cost-effective, maintenance-free and available across SydneyMelbourne, Brisbane, Albury, and their surrounding regions.

Every Anchor Safe walkway system is designed to suit the specific needs of your site using the highest quality, Australian-made products. Our expert team of accredited installers will securely mount and certify your system to ensure you meet all relevant Australian height safety standards. We’re confident in the quality of our work, so all our height safety systems come backed by our 10-year product & installation warranty.

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levelled aluminium walkway system providing safe access to roof top equiptment

Aluminium Roof Walkway Systems 

Anchor Safe supply, install and certify the Pace 600 aluminium walkway systems. Made from lightweight extruded structural aluminium for longevity and minimised maintenance, this system is a strong and reliable option for roof access. Aluminium walkways are particularly suited to pitched or sloping rooftops as the walking surface can be levelled and cleats added to maintain certification in accordance with Australian standards.

Aluminium Walkway Features:

  • Fully compliant with all relevant Australian height safety standards including AS 1657:2018
  • Mill finished, mesh grating walking surface, to ensure maximum grip in slippery conditions.
  • Easy integration with guardrail systems for improved safety and system certification.
  • A prefabricated modular system ensuring simple, rapid installation.
  • Able to be installed and levelled on sloped surfaces to meet height safety standards.
  • Non-corrosive, with specialised mounting options to prevent galvanic reaction between metals
  • Minimal components – cost-effective, reduced on-site labour and minimal maintenance.

Fibre Reinforced Polyester (FRP) walkway system in yellow rovides a safe route for roof top workers

Fibre Reinforced Polyester Walkway Systems 

Anchor Safe supply, install and certify the Ontrak Fibre Reinforced Polyester (FRP) walkway systems. Made from premium grade polyester resin with composite fibre reinforcement, this system offers a lightweight alternative to traditional aluminium walkway systems. Installed using rivets or the unique non-penetrating TrakTite mounting clips, FRP walkways have the added benefit of substantially reducing rooftop penetrations.

FRP Walkway Features:

  • Fully compliant with all relevant Australian height safety standards including AS 1657:2018.
  • Reduced number of penetrations minimising the potential for leaks and damage to the roof surface.
  • Easy integration with guardrail systems for improved safety and system certification.
  • Non-corrosive, non-metallic and non-conductive, ensuring no galvanic reaction between the walkway system and the roof deck.
  • Advanced, multi-directional non-slip surface to ensure maximum grip in slippery conditions.
  • Cost-effective and simple to install, providing lower costs per meter compared to aluminium walkway systems.
  • Available in safety yellow for high visibility or grey to maintain aesthetic appearance.

Fibre Reinforced Polyester (FRP) roof catwalk system in yellow creating a safe route across a corrugated roof Aluminium roof catwalk system with double guard rails provides safe roof access on a sloped corrugated roof Customised aluminium roof walkway system with intergated static line for safe and convenient roof access Fibre Reinforced Polyester (FRP) roof walkway system provides safe access to a roof top solar array

Access Walkway Systems

Anchor Safes’ range of rooftop walkways, catwalk systems and elevated walkways provide permanent and controlled access for contractors and maintenance technicians to undertake work on a range of elevated surfaces.

Roof access walkway systems offer a sturdy and secure route for workers, providing a non-slip surface in all weather conditions and removing the potential for trip hazards. Roof access walkways have the added benefit of protecting roof sheets and membranes from damage in high-traffic areas, significantly reducing maintenance costs.

A well-designed and compliant walkway system will ensure workers stay away from any potentially dangerous areas such as fall zones or vulnerable roof sheets and provide a safe method of access over skylights. A suspended walkway or catwalk system can provide access above or between large machinery, silos and more.

Most importantly a quality walkway system installed by certified height safety experts will keep your workers at height safe and your site compliant, reducing injury and workplace liability. Anchor Safes’ range of access walkway systems are manufactured locally by the Sayfa group from high-quality materials and meet and exceed all relevant Australian standards including AS 1657:2018

Roof Safety Walkway with Guardrail

When paired with an appropriate guardrail, a roof safety walkway system is among the highest recommended fall protection systems in the hierarchy of control measures. Anchor Safes aluminium and FRP walkways are specifically designed to integrate with the Sentry roof guardrail systems for improved safety around potential fall zones and ensured compliance with Australian height safety standards.

Anchor safe can provide complete roof safety walkway systems with integrated guardrails to suit a wide range of applications. Consult the height safety experts for a comprehensive height safety audit of your rooftop or working at heights situation to help you understand exactly what is required to ensure your access walkway systems are 100% compliant and your workers are kept safe.

Roof Guardrail Systems

Roof Walkway Systems Supply, installation and Certification

Anchor Safes’ roof walkway systems are installed by our certified installation team, ensuring all components meet stringent safety standards. Our highly trained team has the experience and skills to install access walkways, elevated walkways and catwalk systems in a wide range of applications and surfaces. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of workmanship and professionalism to meet our commitment to keeping your workers and rooftops safe, now and into the future.

How much does it cost to have a roof walkway system installed?

Our roof walkway systems are priced per meter with certified installation by our team included as standard. Pricing for our walkway systems is highly dependent on a number of factors including:

  • Whether you choose an aluminium or FRP-based system.
  • The location of your building or work site.
  • Existing access to your building or work site.
  • The complexity of the installation process.  
  • Whether the walkways are part of a total roof safety system including any necessary Guardrails, Anchor Points or Access Ladders.

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2 Anchor Safe team members wearing height safety harnesses where an FRP walkway has been installed for access to roof top machinery

What are the Roof Walkway Safety Standards in Australia? 

At Anchor Safe we work hard to ensure every height safety system we design and install meets and exceeds all relevant height safety standards. The Australian standards for walkways are laid out in AS1657:2018 stating the minimal requirements & exact measurements that a walkway system must comply with.

When does my walkway require a guardrail? 

A guardrail that meets Australian standards should be installed on all sides and ends of a walkway, except in the following situation:

  • To provide access points for stairways and ladders.
  • Where there is a permanent structure (ie: a wall or large mounted machinery) within 100mm of the walkway that provides fall protection equivalent to a guardrail.
  • On the sides and ends of a walking surface that is less than 300mm above an adjacent area, upon which it is safe to step or stand without risk of falling and
    • The slope of the walkway perpendicular to the direction of travel cannot exceed 3°
    • The angle of slope of the adjacent area must be less than 12°; and 
    • the width of the area adjacent to the walkway is greater than 2000mm ( the surface of the adjacent area may not be suitable for walking on regardless of the slope such as skylights or fragile roof sheets. For such areas, a guardrail or a handrail should be installed to deter persons from stepping onto this area)  

diagram demonstrating the preffered incline range for walkways, stairways, step-type ladders, and rung-type ladders

diagram depicting specified width and height for walkways and guardrails in order to be compliant with Australian regulations


Width requirements of walkways 

  • The minimum width of a walkway without a guardrail is 600mm.
  • Where a guardrail is installed on both sides of a walkway, the minimum width between the innermost elements of the guard railing is 550mm
  • Where a walkway is enclosed on 1 or both sides by a fixed structure (ie: a wall or large mounted machinery) that is no more than 100mm from the walkway, the minimum width of the walkway as measured between structures or between a structure and the guardrail is 600mm

The maximum angle of slope of a walkway shall be as follows:

Level Walkway: Cannot exceed 3° in any direction.

Sloping Walkway: Cannot exceed 20° in the direction of travel.

  • Restricting the slope to between 3° and 10° in the direction of travel is the preferred method as this reduces the risk of slips and trips.
    • Cleats must be installed when the walkway exceeds 10° in the direction of travel.

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When does my walkway require a toe board? 

Australian Standards 1657:2018 states “Where an object could fall from a platform or landing onto an area to which access by persons is available, a toe board in accordance with requirements below shall be provided. Providing there is a permanent structure within 10mm of the edge of the platform or landing this requirement need not apply.

  • If there is no permanent structure within 10mm of an edge, from which an object could fall, a toe board must be installed. 
  • The gap between the underside of the toe board and the walkway surfaces shall not be greater than 10mm. 
  • A toe board must measure at least 100mm in height from the walkway surface. 

photo depicting correct and certified installation of levelled aluminium walkways for access to roof top machinery.

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Anchor Safe is a proven and respected name in accredited height safety across Australia. Driven by a dedicated team of highly experienced height safety specialists, Anchor Safe is the 1st choice of Councils, Facility Managers, and Retail to ensure they meet safety compliance standards and their rooftops are kept safe.


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