About Us

When you’re working at height, safety comes first. Roof safety systems aren’t a one-off activity, they demand constant monitoring, maintenance and compliance. And building owners and managers in local government, facility management and retail simply don’t have the time or specialist expertise.

That’s why they turn to Anchor Safe.

As a height safety advisor and quality and compliance manager, we take it all on, so you can rest easy that employees and contractors are safe and secure, risks are minimised and responsibilities are met. We’re independent, genuinely caring about safety, and fully committed to keeping your workers and rooftops safe – now and into the future.

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It's why we're in business, and nothing's more important. We truly care about keeping people and workplaces safe, with a specialised in-house auditing team that keeps safety in check by identifying risks, designing and supplying roof safety systems, and performing annual audits.

Long Term

We support the lifespan of a building, acting as a trusted, preferred partner focused on ongoing compliance.

With complete compliance, you'll work safer and smarter, with reduced roof safety risks and liabilities.

Quality Care

Quality and care are at the heart of what we do. We're guided by what's right – for you and your workers. And we stay close and responsive to changing needs to ensure continuous height safety.


We take height safety off your plate, by taking total responsibility, backed by user-friendly management tools that keep you in the loop. These provide easy online access to asset registers, and timely reminders such as re-certification.

Total Responsibility

We are fully accountable and responsible for your roof safety and fall protection systems. But we also make sure you have full visibility into our processes, using online management tools.