Skylight Protectors

Skylights and roof lights an under-the-radar fall hazard.

It’s often not easy to tell at a glance where they are located and if they are properly protected. When skylights aren’t protected the consequences can be tragic. There have even been real life cases of experienced workers falling through skylights – all it takes is a few seconds and tragedy can strike.

Appropriate skylight protectors are an essential for any workplace’s roof safety and fall hazard system. This is where a height safety solution comes into play.


Skylight protectors can be as simple as a mesh cover, or slightly more complex, like a roof walkway crossover system for maintenance workers. They should be easy to see, strong and able to withstand weather effects for many years, but also designed in a way that they don’t alter the light that a skylight lets in.

Easily visible and clear signs also provide an important alert that there’s a potential danger people should be aware of.


Our skylight covers offer:

  • Standard, application-suited or purpose-built options
  • Non-corrosive, maintenance-free componentry
  • Lightweight, high-strength aluminium skylight protection
  • We also offer signage – either standard, application-suited or custom

Skylight protector products we supply:

  • Protex
  • Spektra


Anchor Safe is your height safety partner and offers a large range of skylight protectors that are lightweight, strong and able to be fitted to any size specifications.

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