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Anchor points are a vital part of a fall protection system

Experts in Anchor Point System Design, Installation, and Certification

Anchor Safe is Australia’s leading provider of roof safety anchor point systems offering comprehensive design, installation, maintenance and certification services to ensure your rooftops are compliant and workers are kept safe!

Roof safety anchor point systems are a common and cost-effective solution to maximise the safety of people working at heights. A well-designed system will provide free and easy movement around rooftops whilst ensuring workers are securely connected with a lanyard and harness. Anchor Safe offers a range of fall arrest and abseil anchors to suit any application and meet your height safety needs.

All our roof anchors meet or exceed the requirements of AS1891.4, AS5532 and AS4488 regulations. Experienced and independent, we pride ourselves in our quality workmanship, premium quality roof anchor points and cost-effective solutions all backed by our 10-year product & installation warranty. Anchor Safe install, maintain, recertify and manage compliance of roof safety anchor points in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and their surrounding areas.

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Our anchor point systems offer many benefits:

  • Simple retrofit design, fall arrest rated
  • Cost-effective, low visual appearance
  • Advanced energy-absorbing properties
  • Simple installation and low profile systems
  • Watertight seals

We supply respected products from brands including:


Choosing the right roof anchor point

There are two types of roof anchor points, fall arrest anchors and abseil anchors. Fall arrest anchor points are suitable for use in both fall arrest and fall restraint systems. Abseil anchor points are specifically designed for abseil or rope access work but in some circumstances abseil anchor points can also be used for fall arrest or fall restraint. However, this should be noted on the anchor tag.

It is also important to consider the type of anchor point and mount required depending on the mounting surface. Anchor points come in a variety of designs to suit surfaces such as steel, corrugated, span, concrete, tile, truss or steel purlin mount.

Anchor Safe’s height safety experts can design a customised system specifically to suit your application, ensuring maximum safety for workers at heights and value for money for your business.

Not sure what anchor system you need? Click here to read about the different types of anchor points and where to use them or get in touch with our friendly team.

Roof anchor point installation

Installation of an anchor point safety system is an easy and cost-effective solution to keep your workers safe from falls. Anchor Safes experienced team of accredited installers can take care of all your installation needs for our range of high quality, certified roof anchor points.

Our team will strategically and securely mount the specified anchors to ensure they meet stringent Australian height safety standards whilst allowing for easy and convenient movement around the area of application. Our team will also assess and advise on whether people working at heights should be connected via a fixed or an adjustable lanyard and provide advice and specialty equipment to suit.

Anchor Safe’s highly trained team has a range of specialty anchors and mounting options to suit a wide range of surface types including concrete, metal and tiled roof’s. Our installation services are available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and their surrounding areas.

Anchor Point Testing, Certification and Maintenance

It’s better to be safe than sorry. If you’re not sure your anchor points are compliant or if they haven’t been tested for a while, we’d be happy to get a member of the Anchor Safe team out to your site to inspect and test your anchor points to ensure they’re compliant with the appropriate Standard.

Anchor Safe is Australia’s leading provider in scheduled maintenance and recertification services.  We manage your height safety compliance, providing you with easy-to-use online asset management tools that keep you in the loop and taking the pressure off you.

How often do anchor points need to be inspected and certified?

Under current Australian standards (AS/NZS 1891)  all roof anchor points of varying types and applications must be inspected and certified by a competent and licensed person every 12 months to meet stringent Australian height safety requirements. Inspection schedules should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations if a more frequent inspection is requested. If the anchors are being used on a regular basis or are in a harsh environment then a more regular inspection schedule may be necessary. If you are unsure about inspection schedules for your specific situation, speak to our friendly staff.

Height safety compliance is a serious issue. It is essential that all inspections and installations are carried out by licensed professionals using high-quality products and equipment. Anchor Safe’s qualified team of licenced certifiers can arrange scheduled maintenance and recertification to ensure your anchor points are always up to the job.

Why is anchor point re-certification important?

Building owners and or employers are legally obligated to maintain height safety compliance which includes the annual recertification of roof anchor points. These stringent requirements are in place because of the inherent dangers of serious injury and loss of life that accompany working at heights.

Anchor points and the surfaces they are mounted in can be affected by exposure to natural elements and through modifications to the structure they were installed in. It is crucial that this simple, yet potentially life-saving equipment is ready to take the sudden and high-pressure strains of fall arrest.

Cover your workers and yourself and ensure your anchor points and any other height safety gear are compliant and up to the task. Speak to our experienced team about our recertification services.

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Types of Roof Anchor Points

Permanent Roof Safety Anchor Points

Permanent roof safety anchor points are a cost-effective and easy to install component found in many of our height safety systems. The addition of permanent roof anchor points is ideally suited to our clients that require regular maintenance such as skylight cleaning, solar panel care, gutter repairs or access for contractors. 

The use of a permanently mounted fall restraint anchor point system allows workers to safely work along the fall edge, securely restrained by a tether and harness. Permanently mounted fall arrest anchor point systems are capable of withstanding the forces of arresting a fall and are certified for use in abseil or rope access work.

Anchor Safe’s installation professionals have been extensively trained in anchor point mounting solutions to comply with AS/NZS 1891 – Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices. As part of the installation, Anchor Safe supplies installation certificates and manuals as required by AS/NZS 5532.

Surface Mount Roof Anchor Points

Surface Mount Anchor Points are commonly used on metal clad roof areas. Easy to install and can be used on most metal roofs. These are versatile and are attached directly to the rooftop with 2 x 14G Stainless Screws into the substructure and 8 x 8mm Bulb Tite Rivets into the roof membrane.

Concrete Mount Roof Anchor Points

Designed to be fixed into concrete surfaces either through chemical fix or a torque anchor. This anchor point is more subtle than regular mounts. Commonly used on concrete roofed high-rise buildings for abseil use or fall arrest/restraint.

Roof Anchor Points for Tiled Roofs

Tile roof anchor points are easy to install and unobtrusive. These specialised roof anchor points incorporate unique energy absorbing properties allowing the product to be fixed to timber rafters with the attachment point to protrude below the tile. This means no holes in the tile and no waterproofing issues. 

Anchor Safe’s supplies tile roof anchor points that are a one-piece profiled unit with mounting compatibility to suit most timber truss/tiled roof constructions. These anchor points can also be easily powder coated to blend in with surroundings to maintain the aesthetics of the building.

Correct installation of anchor points on your tile roof will enable safe and compliant access. Speak to our team for more information.

Temporary Roof Anchor Points

A temporary anchor point can be used when there are no permanent anchors installed. Temporary roof anchors allow the user to fix the product to a wide range of surface types, providing the flexibility to complete the job safely without having to install permanent anchor points. Temporary roof anchor points are commonly used for one-off jobs. For regular maintenance or ongoing work, permanent anchor points or a guardrail and walkway is recommended.

Temporary roof anchor points are not suitable for abseil. The selection and installation of temporary anchors need to be carefully considered and must be performed by suitably qualified and experienced professionals. The manufacturer’s instructions must be strictly adhered to and if there is any doubt as to the strength of the structure it must be assessed by a structural engineer.
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