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Compliance can be overwhelming. Managing employees and contractors whilst staying up to date with regulations is difficult.

We make height safety compliance simple and take the burden off your hands.

With a strong drive for employee safety, our mission is to manage the entire height safety process for you. Our end-to-end height safety services cover all the bases. With everything from site audits and inspections, to custom design, expert installation and detailed maintenance, you can rest assured that your work environment is secure.
We streamline height safety compliance and keep you in the loop with our easy online asset management tool. Outsourcing your height safety requirements has never been so easy.

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Roof Safety Services Albury

Roof Anchor Points

Installation of an anchor point safety system is an easy and cost-effective solution to keep your workers safe from falls. Anchor Safe supply, install, certify, and maintain a range of roof anchor points in Albury and its surrounding regions. Our team will strategically and securely mount the specified roof anchors to ensure they meet stringent Australian height safety standards whilst allowing for easy and convenient movement around the area of application.

Roof Walkway Systems

Anchor Safes’ range of rooftop walkways, catwalk systems and elevated walkways provide permanent and controlled access for contractors and maintenance technicians to undertake work on a range of elevated surfaces. Offering Aluminium and Fibre Reinforced Polyester (FRP) options for our Albury clients, our roof walkway systems are installed by our certified installation team, ensuring all components meet stringent safety standards.

Static Line Systems

Static line systems are a safe, reliable, and cost-effective fall protection solution, providing continuous attachment, a high level of safety, and effective fall protection across various roof profiles and other elevated areas to which safe access is required. Our Albury-based team of highly experienced height safety technicians will develop a static line system to meet the specific needs of your site and install and certify the system in line with Australian standards and codes.

Skylight Protection

Appropriate skylight protectors are essential for any workplace’s roof safety and fall protection system. Anchor Safe offers a range of tailored options to minimise the risk skylights pose, from simple mesh covers to roof walkway crossover systems. Our skylight protection systems offer safe, cost-effective, and compliant solutions for keeping workers on rooftops safe from potentially fatal falls through skylights.

Plant Platforms

Plant Platforms provide enhanced access to machinery and elevated equipment, increasing the safety and efficiency of routine inspection and maintenance. Anchor Safe’s Plant Platforms are customised to your exact specifications and individual needs using high-quality aluminium. Our platforms are designed to provide stability and grip allowing workers to carry out repairs and maintenance in confidence.

Roof Access Systems

Anchor Safe offers a range of commercial roof access systems in Albury including stairways, step ladders, rung ladders, caged ladders, and ceiling-mounted fold-down ladders. Every Anchor Safe roof access ladder and stairway system is designed to suit the specific needs of your site using the highest quality, Australian-made, and designed products. Our expert team will install and certify your system to ensure you meet all relevant Australian safety standards.

Permanent Roof Guardrail Systems

Roof safety guardrails are the most recommended fall protection system in the hierarchy of control measures. Anchor Safe roof guardrail systems are highly cost-effective, maintenance-free, and designed to suit the specific needs of your site by our experienced and highly trained Albury-based team. Anchor Safe exclusively uses Sentry products in our guardrail systems which are tested to meet and exceed Australian height safety standards.

Roof Access Hatches

Roof access hatches are the perfect solution for providing safe internal access and egress to your rooftop for maintenance personnel. Designed to suit a variety of metal deck roof profiles and concrete hobs, Anchor Safe access hatches can be custom fabricated or supplied and installed from a range of standard sizes.  Our roof access hatches are low profile and can be powder coated to blend into the roof surface while the insulated, dual skin of the hatches limits the noise penetration.

Overhead Rail Systems

Anchor Safe’s overhead rail systems are proprietary abseil and fall arrest systems, designed for multiple users providing effective fall protection when working above machinery or equipment or for façade access for general maintenance and cleaning. Overhead rail systems can be installed on a variety of structures, such as structural steelwork, roof purlins, metal roof decks, and concrete structures.

Height Safety Equipment

Anchor Safe can supply a large range of high-quality height safety equipment to our clients in Albury, covering everything from PPE, rescue equipment, and specialised height safety equipment. Anchor safe carries leading height safety brands including Skytotec, Zero, Spyda, Edge, On-Trak and Sentry, offering quality height safety gear at competitive prices. For harnesses, lanyards, rope lines, scaffold hooks, karabiners and more check out our convenient online store.

Why choose Anchor Safe for height safety equipment in Albury

Our products are designed to the highest standard of industry compliance requirements. We are relied upon for everything from roof anchor point systems, to walkways and guardrails, ladder systems and access, static line systems, gear and rescue equipment, overhead rails, stairs and platforms.

We provide a high-value, end to end solution that gives you safety, security and simplicity.

We operate independently and are a trusted industry supplier of height safety systems. Anchor Safe thrives on long-term partnerships and can work with building portfolios of all sizes and complexities. By custom designing every project, we ensure that you have the right system to suit your building needs and meet ongoing compliance.

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How we achieve height safety success for our Albury clients

Case Studies in Australia

The safety show goes on

The height of safety A building rich in history, the Royal Hall of Industries has been known to Sydneysiders for years as the Showbag Pavilion. It now hosts modern events and functions – and needed an upgrade to bring the building’s compliance to current Australian Standards AS/NZS 1891:2009.1-4 and AS 1657-2013. Delivering...

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Case Studies in Australia

Confined space now compliant

The height of safety The customer required access to the base of a 6,000,000L tank. If this wasn’t challenging enough - the tank was also recessed 11m down into rock, with a space between the rock wall and the tank beginning at 1.5m at the base and widening to 3m at...

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Our office and warehouse are located in Albury. This allows us to service the greater Riverina, the ACT, South Coast and regional NSW. Call us on 1300 475 186 or email: sales@anchorsafe.com.au

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Trevor founded Anchor Safe with the vision to make height safety compliance easy for building owners and managers, so that workers can stay safe – 24/7. Are you in Albury and need expert advice and a simple height safety solution? Contact the team today to get started.

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