Permanent Roof Guardrail Systems

A well designed and compliant guardrail system is one of the safest ways to protect workers

Roof Guardrails

Anchor Safe is Australia’s leading provider of permanent roof guardrail systems, offering comprehensive system design, guardrail installation, and height safety certification services. Anchor Safe roof guardrail systems are highly cost-effective, maintenance-free and available across SydneyMelbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, and their surrounding regions.

Every Anchor Safe roof guardrail system is designed to suit the specific needs of your site by our experienced and highly trained height safety specialists. Our expert team of accredited installers will install and certify your system to ensure you meet all relevant Australian height safety standards. We’re confident in the quality of our work, so all our height safety systems come backed by our 10-year product & installation warranty

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Roof Safety Guardrails 

Roof safety guardrails are the most recommended fall protection system in the hierarchy of control measures. A well designed and compliant guardrail system is one of the safest ways to protect workers from accessing an edge or void, minimising the dangers of falling from heights. Roof guardrail systems are exceptionally user friendly and require minimal maintenance. We always recommend the installation of roof safety guardrails whenever the site is suitable, in accordance with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

Anchor Safe exclusively uses Sentry products in our guardrail systems. Sentry guardrails are designed and manufactured in Australia by Sayfa Group and are tested to meet and exceed Australian height safety standards.

Guardrail Features:

  • Fully compliant with all relevant Australian height safety standards including AS 1657:2018
  • Prefabricated modular system – ensures simple, rapid installation. 
  • Fully adjustable/adaptable fixtures & fittings – no on-site welding required. 
  • Suits a variety of mounting applications and surfaces. 
  • Minimal componentry – cost-effective, reduced on-site labour and minimal maintenance. 
  • High strength aluminium construction – lightweight and user friendly. 
  • Unobtrusive appearance – with an option for powder coating to blend in with surroundings.

Permenant aluminium roof guardrail and levelled walkway system proving safe and compliant access to rooftop machinery White powercoated roof guardrail system with self closing gate. A system that enhances the safety of workers on the roof without sacrificing the buildings aesthetics A powder coated slatted guardrail system which provides excellent safety for rooftop workers and looks great Permenant aluminium roof guardrailing installed along the entire fall edge of a rooftop

Roof Guardrail Installation

Anchor Safe’s roof safety guardrail systems are installed by our certified installation team, ensuring all components meet stringent safety standards. Our highly trained team has the experience and skills to install guardrails in a range of situations on almost any surface and pride themselves on maintaining the highest standards of workmanship and professionalism.Our guardrail systems can be installed as edge protection along fall edges, on platforms and around access hatches, stairways and skylights. 

Our guardrails systems are easily integrated with our high-quality aluminium and FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polyester) roof walkways. The modular fittings, fixtures and mounting options of the Sentry guardrail system enable easy integration with or upgrades to your existing height safety systems.

 We can help you determine the best height safety system for your rooftop that considers your budget and future access needs. 

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How much does it cost to have a permanent roof guardrail system installed?

Our roof guardrail systems are priced per meter with certified installation by our team included as standard. Pricing for our guardrail systems is highly dependant on a number of factors including: 

  • The location of your building or work site.
  • The complexity of the installation process.  
  • Whether or not you would like the guardrails powder-coated in a colour of your choice. 
  • Whether the guardrails are part of a total roof safety system including any necessary Walkways, Anchor Points or Access Ladders.

Every site is unique and where some sites may need 30 meters of guardrail, some may only need 3 meters of guardrail to protect the fall edge at the point of entry.


Detailed technical drawing showing sppecific measurements for Anchor Safe 100% compliant roof guardrail systems

What makes a height safety guardrail compliant with the current Australian Standards?

The Australian standard 1657:2018 sets out the minimal requirements & exact measurements that a guardrail system must comply with. 


  • The minimum height for guard railing is 900mm from the walking surface. 
  • Where no toeboard is installed the distance between the mid-rail (or lowest rail) and the walking surface must not be more than 550mm
  • A guardrail is required if the area adjacent to the walking area is of 12° pitch or greater 
  • A guardrail installed on a roof where the pitch is 12° or greater requires a third rail (mid-rail or infill panel) to be installed.
  • A guardrail installed on a roof where the pitch is 25° or greater requires the guard railing to be increased to 1200mm in height


  • Where the width of the platform is over 1000mm the minimum height for guard railing is 900mm from the walking surface.
  • Where the width of the platform is less than 1000mm, the minimum height for guard railing shall be increased to 1200mm from the walking surface.

Our professional height safety experts understand exactly what is required to meet Australian standards and ensure guardrail systems are compliant. If you’re unsure about your height safety systems reach out to our experts today and organise a detailed height safety inspection and audit of your systems

Guardrail Requirements Sheet

Do I need a permanent or temporary rooftop guardrail system?

Both permanent and temporary rooftop guardrail systems provide excellent protection for workers from the dangers of falling from heights. When deciding which system is best for your site there are a few questions you should ask yourself

  • How often are workers accessing your roof?
  • What kind of work will be carried out on your roof?
  • Do you have concerns about the look of permanent guardrails on your building?

Temporary roof safety railings

Temporary roof safety railings are appropriate for construction, infrequent roof maintenance, and residential roof repairs. These temporary systems can be purchased or hired and erected as needed. Temporary safety railings remain in place only as long as required for the work at height to be completed. These systems require assembly and dismantling with each use.

Permanent roof guardrail systems

Permanent roof guardrail systems are securely mounted to the building allowing constant and convenient access with maximum safety. If you have plant equipment on the roof that requires regular maintenance such as cooling towers or communications equipment, we advise a permanent system to save the hassle of setting up temporary fall prevention each time a technician comes to the site. 

Anchor Safe permanent roof guardrail systems can be powder coated in a colour of your choice to blend into the building’s facade and ensure this important safety equipment is not an eyesore.

Fold-down roof guardrail systems

Fold-down roof guardrail systems are a permanently mounted roof guardrail system that neatly folds down out of sight when not in use. Fold-down systems allow for the best of both worlds with the security, reliability and convenience of a permanent system without the impacts on the aesthetics of your building. These systems are more expensive to supply and maintain than standard permanent guardrail systems and add a small amount of complexity to using the system.

Permenant safety railing installed to protect workers from a fall edge on a Sydney highrise
Height safety guardrailing with self closing gate, powdercoated white

Roof guardrailing with aluminium walkway provide safe and convenient roof access

Image showing a fold-down roof guardrail system in both erected and ready for use and neatly folded down out of sight.

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