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Anchor Safe is dedicated to providing a variety all-encompassing height safety services. Not only do we offer audits, inspections and reporting, but we also provide solution designs, supply and installation, as well as re-certification and maintenance.

We’ve worked closely with councils, facility managers and on retail projects. Roof safety systems aren’t a one-off activity – the require constant monitoring, maintenance and compliance. All areas in which Anchor Safe excels in.

Anchor Safe pride itself on the combined experience and specialist experience of our team. No matter your question or query, we are confident in our ability to answer it.

We’d love to talk to you about our total care approach to height safety for your portfolio of buildings, or about any enquiries about our range of height safety Personal Protection Equipment.

Our friendly and expert team are available via phone and email. If you’d prefer to step it up a notch, you can request a virtual meeting via Zoom. To book a virtual meeting, complete the enquiry form below.

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Looking for something more?

Take our Height Safety Health Check to understand the strength of your current work practices, policies and environment.

To further your own knowledge of height safety, you can read through our Anchor Safe Fact Sheets on ladders, platforms & guardrails, and Winter height safety dangers.

Put your worksite to the ultimate fall prevention test by going through our Fall Prevention Checklist. This checklist will ask you questions regarding your current policies and practices regarding hazard identification, safe access and housekeeping, height safety systems and the knowledge and training of your workers.