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Project: WestConnex Rozelle Interchange Ventilation stacks

Case Studies in Australia

The height of safety

Our client chose to partner with Anchor Safe as their trusted height safety advisor based on our tailored solution design, quality care and our ability to accommodate their complex and technical specifications on a large-scale project.

Our client needed a safe & efficient access solution to maintain the vegetation and vertical gardens via rope access around three 40m high ventilation stacks without compromising the architecture. A crucial challenge was to ensure that our solution seamlessly integrated with the design without compromising on safety.

Delivering results from top to bottom

The team worked alongside Sayfa Group to engineer, design & install the perfect rope access rigid rail system which met our clients access & budget needs.

Our technician team installed approximately 120 meters of raptor rail including an engineered curved rail system for all 3 ventilation stacks that perfectly integrated with the design of the vertical gardens. Our engineered curved rail system allows maintenance personal to maintain the gardens from 1 attachment point, eliminating the need to connect to various anchor points thus simplifying the entire upkeep process.

This complex and technical project exceeded industry standards and really illustrated our installation teams capabilities & experience. With our strict safety measures and tried and tested quality practices in place, this complex installation was completed on schedule, and now allows for ongoing maintenance to be performed via rope access in a safe and efficient way. Our client has real time access to online asset registers and receives timely reminders for re-certification and maintenance. We also provided peace-of-mind with a ten-year warranty on all systems installed.

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