Elevated Safety

Project: Nu Pure Beverages

Sector: Facility Management

Case Studies in Australia

The height of safety

Nu-Pure is an Australian company specialising in pure Australian made spring water and beverages. Being a beverage manufacturing company, our client had large tanks approximately 6 meters high requiring regular access for servicing and maintenance. Given the height of the tanks there was no real system in place to access the tanks, it created numerous safety issues.

Our client engaged Anchor Safe to conduct a site audit and report on any height safety issues, risks and any potential improvement options. A site inspection was carried out to ensure that Anchor Safe had a thorough understanding of the access requirements. Site measurements and photos were taken for design discussion at Anchor Safe to streamline the design, supply and installation process.

Our client required safe and efficient access to the top of existing & new tanks and expected a compliant access system that met Australian standards and catered to the unique height of the tanks and also met Nu Pure’s own safety standards.

Due to our site specific design documentation and transparency early on Nu Pure had the confidence to go ahead with our recommendations of an elevated walkway and guardrail system to ensure total safety while servicing the top of the tanks. The process was made easy for our client with drawings provided, detailing a plan of the elevated walkway system and proposed system design and layout. They were able to visualize the system in place – providing total peace of mind, knowing that safe and efficient access will be achieved on time and on budget.

Delivering results from top to bottom

The system involved approximately 40m of aluminum Walkway & Guardrail at a height of 5.7 meters high allowing safe & efficient maintenance services to be carried out, level with the top of the tanks. This  design allowed for a quick and easy installation using individual components, no hot works permits were required, as this design and materials could be configured, installed and adjusted on-site without the need for welding.

To accommodate the height difference between the new and existing tanks our height safety technicians incorporated a short KOMBI stairway to bridge the height between the tanks, eliminating the need for two entry points to the elevated walkway. The entry point to the elevated walkway consisted of a vertical cage ladder with grabrails.

The project was completed in two stages to allow for the new tanks to be installed and to ensure we met our client’s expectations; we designed our elevated walkway system to maximize clearance underneath the tanks so regular maintenance could still be conducted.

Our clients project benefits were realised immediately along with increased employee safety, due to our systems and having complete trust in Anchor Safe went ahead with another system solution we proposed for a KOMBI walkway crossovers over their new conveyor system.

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