Designed as a primary connection point from any fall arrest device, karabiners (or carabiners) are a safety-critical tool used for rope intensive activities, like climbing, window cleaning or construction work.

Nowadays, the common karabiner can be used as a keychain, to hold multiple bags at once, and as a connector. However, karabiners remain a vital tool for any activity requiring fall protection. The type of karabiner you choose will determine the degree of security and fall protection you have. Karabiners help minimise risk and ensure to safety of the wearer – meaning it is important to understand what karabiner will offer the most security.

Made from both steel and aluminium, Anchor Safe’s commercial karabiners are sturdier and capable of carrying over 100kg and designed to support a maximum freefall of two metres. Our locking karabiners have a reinforced gate, designed to ensure your safety by securing its closed position. Requiring a double motion to open, you and your employees can work without fear of accidental release.

Ensuring your Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) list includes karabiners is essential to developing a strong risk management and minimisation plan. These simple but necessary tools can be the difference between a safe employee and an injured one.
To better understand the efficiency and effectiveness of your organisation’s current height safety solutions, take our Height Safety Health Check. By completing this free health check, you will receive an individual report outlining areas of concern that will require improvement.

Add Anchor Safe’s selection of karabiners to your worksite today. Browse our range or contact our expert team to help you determine which karabiner is best suited for your project

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