As far as Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) goes, winches are a necessity. They consist of a cable or rope, a drum, a gear train, and sometimes a motor.

Winches are a common tool, and can be found on any construction site, on the car of off-road drivers, and at a port. With the ability to haul or lift a vast amount of weight, they are an asset to any activity requiring the transportation of heavy materials.

Not all winches are created equal. Depending on the task, you may require and automatic winch, or a simple manual winch may suffice. An automatic winch is an electric winch that automatically adjusts the tension of the cable or breaks, while a manual winch is controlled solely by you.

For instance, if you’re lifting an anchor for your boat, a manual winch may be the winch for other. However, if you’re planning to haul metal posts from the ground to the rooftop, an automatic winch will help you save time without physically straining yourself.

Winches, whether manual or automatic, enable you to significantly improve workflow and working efficiency. They are arguably the safest method of lifting or hauling materials.

When evaluating your height safety policies and practices, ask yourself – what type of winch is needed?

Anchor Safe offers a range of high-quality and highly dependably winches designed for different tasks. From rescue winches to equipment and material hoisting winches, Anchor Safe has you covered. To understand how the inclusion of winches plays into your height safety solutions, take our Height Safety Health Check.

Shop the Anchor Safe collection of winches. If you need help determining which type is best suited for your project, you can contact our friendly and expert staff.

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