Rescue Kits

Designed to recover a suspended person by raising or lowering them, rescue kits are a necessity on any worksite involving heights. These Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) rescue kits are essential to include when designing your plan to manage and minimise risk. They ensure that a suspended casualty can be safely retrieved, remotely or otherwise, from heights and confined spaces.

At Anchor Safe, we provide a number of simple, self-contained and stable rescue kits that guarantee a seamless rescue. Whether you require kits to provide relief to users after a fall, kits for self-evacuation or a rescue system designed to recover a suspended casualty from any situation, we have you covered.

All kits require individual testing before use, and inspection and certification every six months by a competent height safety equipment inspector thereafter. Luckily, Anchor Safe have a number of staff with inspector credentials and can provide a review of the equipment.

When working with heights, you must be prepared for any situation to ensure the safety of your team. At Anchor Safe, we guarantee the best equipment possible to give you and your workers the confidence and peace-of-mind to complete any project.

While rescue kits may not be used daily like other PPE, they are still an essential tool to have onsite. You’ll never understand the necessity of a rescue kit until you need them – and by then, it could be too late.

To better understand how your organisation currently handles height safety, you can complete Anchor Safe’s free Height Safety Health Check. Upon completion, you will have a comprehensive and individual report outlining areas of concern that need improvement.

Browse our range of rescue kits or contact our expert staff to determine which rescue kits are essential for your project and team.

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