Height safety across Australia

 At Anchor Safe, we are not limited to just one location. Our height safety services and solutions are available throughout all of Australia. Whether you’re based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra – or anywhere in between – Anchor Safe will be there.

Our far reach enables us to manage national property portfolios, such as shopping centres for retail clients, that range from remote regional shopping centres to metropolitan megaliths. Our various locations also allow us to work closely with councils on community projects. 

Anchor Safe’s availability Australia-wide has cultivated our experience and in-depth industry knowledge – making us a trusted partner for all types of projects. Our national nous comes down to our team and our connections.

Across Australia, building owners, managers, industry, and government clients turn to us for our specialised advice, compliance knowledge and height safety solutions.

Anchor Safe’s expert network of certified inspectors and installers are at the ready – whenever and wherever they are needed.

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Minimise risk and protect your people working at heights by reading our Anchor Safe Fall Prevention Checklist or by completing our free Height Safety Health Check.

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