Height Safety Solution Design

Long-term solutions for clients who manage multiple existing buildings

Height Safety Solutions

The right height safety solution will vary depending on the industry and the specifics of the site. Designing a compliant and safe system to protect workers at height, requires someone with an in-depth understanding of the current legislation and standards. Experience and attention to detail in the design process are critical to ensure that safety systems work as intended. A poorly designed height safety system can be extremely dangerous to the user and can increase the likelihood of system failure and injury.

Anchor Safe not only has the expertise but the experience, to provide customisable and all-encompassing height safety solutions. We provide a total, long-term solution for clients who manage multiple existing buildings across retail, industrial and council.  Our team of height safety specialists take great care in designing, supplying and installing the right solution, then maintaining the highest roof safety standards over the life of each and every building. As your partner in height safety, our designers focus on solutions based on the specific needs of your building, using computer-aided design software for utmost precision and high-quality Australian-manufactured components.

Operating in SydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAlbury and their surrounding areas, Anchor Safe are Australia’s trusted experts in height safety solutions for Councils, Facility Management and Retail.

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A custom designed rooftop ladder access system shown in both concept design and as installed on siteA caged ladder access system shown bothe as the concept design and as installed to provide access to a large silo

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Height Safety System Design

Our highly experienced system designers have detailed knowledge of current height safety standards, regulations and codes.  We are independent, giving us freedom and integrity to choose only the highest quality, proven solutions on the market, without pressure to push certain products, which provides value for money and peace of mind.

We work closely with you to guide you through the system solution and ensure you’re fully informed about the risks associated with your site and how we can resolve non-compliances. We take the pressure off our clients, by managing the entire process while providing transparent, user-friendly online management tools that keep them 100% in the loop and in control.

Our team of consultants design custom height safety solutions based on your site’s detailed audit and report and are suited to the specific nature of your buildings and your requirements.

Our Design Process

  1. Our audit teams conduct a detailed risk assessment, audit and inspection of the site’s existing height safety system & will identify areas of non-compliance and any potential hazards that need to be mitigated.
  2. After our inspection/audit, we provide a comprehensive report with detailed recommendations to rectify any dangerous issues or areas of non-compliance along with a custom design by our team using computer-aided design (CAD).
  3. We provide the system design, layout plan, a scope of works schedule, and an estimated installation timeframe.
  4. You’ll receive a detailed proposal that includes fully costed estimates.
  5. Our accredited height safety installers will supply and install the height safety system.
  6. We then provide ongoing compliance management that takes care of maintenance, inspection and recertification of your height safety systems across the property or property portfolio.

Graphic depicting the 4 stages of height safety management. 1. Audits and Inspections. 2. Solution Design. 3.Supply and Install. 4. Recertification and Maintenance

System Solutions

The specific requirements and needs of a height safety system vary greatly depending on the industry, access requirements and each individual site. Effective solution design requires expertise, experience and an in-depth understanding of the access requirements for the site and knowledge of the Australian height safety regulations.

Anchor Safe is a trusted partner for a wide range of projects with clients that include councils, facility management and the retail industry. From this experience, we understand the various requirement each project will need to secure the safety of workers and ensure the project runs smoothly from initial audit through to annual certification and maintenance.


Anchor Safe are experienced height safety solution providers for both metropolitan and regional councils across Australia. Backed by our understanding of heritage and budget challenges, we help local governments provide a safe system to access the full range of council buildings.

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A digital rendering of various height safety systems custom designed for local council buildings

Facility Management

We provide a fully-outsourced solution for national property portfolios of 1-100+ commercial and industrial buildings –  everything from client reporting to compliance assistance.

This service removes the responsibility and risk and enables you to focus on the job at hand. Our expertise and experience are evident in the height safety portfolios we currently manage.

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A digital rendering of various height safety systems custom designed for a manufacturing and warehouse building


We have worked closely with a number of retail clients, from small regional shopping centres to Australia’s largest metropolitan retail precincts. Whether it’s accessing rooftop signage or exhaust fans, we help retailers across the country manage height safety and access needs: from small regional centres to metropolitan megaliths.

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A digital rendering of various height safety systems custom designed for various retail buildings including petrol station, fast food outlet and large shopping center


Why Choose Anchor Safe?

Anchor Safe offers comprehensive height safety services to take the pressure off building owners and managers, ensure compliance, and keep workers safe. We’re a trusted partner, not a player – offering convenient and cost-effective solutions for height safety management.

  • Systems designed by accredited and highly experienced height safety system designers
  • Being a recognized member of the WAHA (working at heights association) allows our team to be at the forefront of industry developments and regulations. Constantly seeking and developing better ways to keep workers safe is what our team is known for.
  • Systems incorporate high-quality, locally manufactured components
  • Systems are designed to be user-friendly and convenient while maximising safety
  • Competitive pricing backed by Australia’s leading height safety company
  • Full compliance with Australian codes, standards and legislation.
  • Total height safety management from a trusted partner

With ongoing compliance management and maintenance services, you can rest assured that your building or work site is completely compliant and your workers at height are safe.

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