Why culture matters to Anchor Safe

It’s unfortunate that many industries, don’t have a great reputation for workplace culture. At Anchor Safe, one of the things we hear from new staff time and time again is that their previous employer treated them like a cog in a machine rather than an important member of the team.

But that’s not sustainable in the long run. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – if your company doesn’t have a positive culture, your people are going to end up unhappy and demotivated. And that can lead to bigger problems than just high staff turnover. Anchor Safe installs critical height safety equipment for clients, so we need all of our employees on the ball and doing a thorough job.

That’s why we made culture a key part of our strategy from the start. So while we’re serious about safety, we try to offer a relatively fun, flexible and supportive work environment. We have a table-tennis table in the office, regularly hold team-building activities, and are mindful of employees’ family commitments.

We’re transparent with staff, letting everyone in the company know our targets and how we’re tracking. And we recognise the responsibility we have to set our staff members up for a long and successful career. Our installers receive on-the-job training from experienced technical staff, and we encourage all employees to embrace professional development opportunities that will take them to the next level.

We’re very proud of the team culture we’ve developed at Anchor Safe. To find out about working with our rapidly-expanding height safety company, visit anchorsafe.com.au.