The hype around Safety this October

Its National Safe Work Month

This years theme for National Safe Work Month is “know safety, work safely”. Week 1 of National Safe Work Month focuses on some common health and safety risks and how to control these to keep workers safe – whether it is from slips, trips and falls, lifting, pushing and pulling (manual tasks), or moving objects.

The height safety industry has came a long way since last year’s Safe Work Month – we saw a new national code of practice released by the working at heights association, strict laws were introduced in states around workplace fatalities (the first man was jailed in WA under this law), there were amendments to the Australian standard 1891 part 4 and there’s been an increase of awareness around the dangers of heights especially in the solar industry  BUT we are still seeing falls from heights as the leading cause of traumatic injuries and fatalities in the construction industry. As of 22 September 2022: 115 Australian workers have been killed at work this year.

Make a stand and start protecting your workers today by reaching out to your leaders in height safety. The Anchor Safe team truly care about keeping people and workplaces safe everyday through our total care approach to height safety issues. Don’t become a statistic, every worker deserves to get home safe.

Not sure where to start? Check out Anchor Safe’s height safety checklist.

Our checklist focuses on four criteria: hazard identification, height safety systems, accessibility & housekeeping and in-house training. Our checklist will enable you to deeply analyse these four areas and allow you to think through every aspect of your work environment and its conditions.

We ask questions like: “Can all falls be arrested before they hit the ground or any other lower object?” and “Can three points of contact always be maintained when using the ladders?”

While some questions may seem obvious, by consciously reminding yourself to check the answer, you are guaranteeing your safety measures are sufficient in protecting your workers. By asking these questions, you can evaluate your current policies and procedures and how to improve them to ensure the safety of your employees.

Regularly using our height safety checklist can guarantee your policies, planning and procedures will continue to protect your workers.

For further inspection into the degree of height safety systems of your organisation, take our free online Height Safety Health CheckThis quiz will ask you questions regarding your organisation, your height safety systems and current knowledge and training practices. Upon completion, you will receive a report outlining areas of concern in your height safety systems.

If you have questions regarding our checklist, or if require our assistance in improving your current height safety systems, contact our team of experts.

Download the fall prevention & height safety checklist