Height Safety Solution for entire property portfolio.

Project: Penrith Home Maker Centre

Sector: Facility Management

Case Studies in Australia

The height of safety

Large property portfolios such as shopping complexes need safe roof access whether it be to access plant and equipment, for solar panel inspections or general maintenance. CBRE engaged Anchor Safe to complete the height safety upgrades to this site following a review of initial reports which clearly detailed the non-compliances and upgrades that needed completing across the portfolio.

Our client had contractors that were unable to access aircon units, gutters and other areas of the roof for regular inspections due to the numerous non compliances across their property portfolio. A vertical caged ladder system which was used as their main access to the roof was deemed non-compliant as it was over 6 meters with no change of direction or rest platform. A system was required that was going to provide contractors with the most practical solution, allowing for equipment & materials to be carried up onto the roof in a safe and easy way.

Delivering results from top to bottom

Anchor Safe first conducted height safety inspection reports to determine the status of the height safety system, any non-compliances and which areas had priority for the upgrades. We then designed, supplied & installed a tailored height safety solution that ensured contractors could safely and efficiently access the roof with their required material & equipment.

High priority non-compliances were addressed immediately such as active fall edges, unprotected skylights and out of pendulum Anchor Points. Our height safety technicians installed guardrail on all active fall edges, installed skylight protection and placed warning signs near transparent roof sheeting & skylights.

One major height safety issue was resolved with our 4 stage KOMBI stairway system allowing for safe and easy access to the main area of the roof. The stairway system replaced a non-compliant caged ladder that didn’t allow contractors to carry equipment up onto the roof safely. Our stairway design allowed for a security fence around the base of the stairs eliminating unauthorized access to the roof, using the KOMBI Stairway system allowed on-site adjustments and a fast installation time.

Our roof access system was designed and installed to suit the client’s access and maintenance needs and will be maintained and recertified by Anchor Safe annually. Our client appreciated the system and said it was exactly what they needed. Referred to their contractors loving it. Our comprehensive design documentation, combined with our proven expertise gave our clients the confidence to move ahead with other property portfolios.

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