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The height of safety

The customer required access to the base of a 6,000,000L tank. If this wasn’t challenging enough – the tank was also recessed 11m down into rock, with a space between the rock wall and the tank beginning at 1.5m at the base and widening to 3m at the top. The area around the tank was deemed as confined space and required a compliant rescue plan with two exits in the event of an emergency.

Delivering results from top to bottom

Working in consultation with our customers, we designed, manufactured, supplied and installed an access solution and compliant rescue plan to AS 1657-2013. The solution involved our team manufacturing an 11m, three-stage stairway and an 11m vertical cage ladder for means of secondary access. Our installers worked safely in fall restraint, abseiling down the rock as they fixed the system into place. Our qualified riggers set up a series of pulleys and winches in the limited space, placing the equipment in designated positions for maximum safety. In this complex design system, we used:

  • Recovery Winch
  • P2 Toeboards
  • LD21 – KATT Aluminium Access Ladders
  • Retro-fit Aluminium Stairs
  • Guardrail & Handrail
  • Non-slip treads
  • LD36 – KATT Vertical Cage Ladders
  • Platforms

With strict safety measures and tried and tested quality practices in place, this complex installation was completed on schedule, now offering our customers the access and compliance they need.

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