5 Ways to Minimise Risk When Working at Heights

Well known as a major phobia, the human relationship with heights is a tricky one, and often fraught with danger. Yet, as our civilisation’s desire for that upward view sees no limit, and thousands of Australian workers risk their lives to take to the skies, we must remember that safety always comes first.

Naturally, what goes up must eventually come down. At Anchor Safe, it’s our job to prevent the downward journey from being a fall. In 2015, a staggering 28% of fatalities were caused from a fall from height. These fatalities were preventable with our standard compliant height safety equipment.

The average worker’s compensation claim pay-out for falls from a height is the second highest of all claims. Not only does compensation financially damage the employer, it causes added trauma to the injury victim and their family, and domino effects the whole community.

Therefore, we have a duty as employers to implement the most effective height safety equipment and keep our workforce on the job! We’ll show you how with our top 5 ways to minimise risk when working at heights.

1. Roof Anchor Points

Roof safety anchor points are systems used in conjunction to personal protective equipment such as harnesses. Simply clip the safety harness into the anchor point to reduce the pendulum effect and increase control in the case of a fall.


  • Gutter maintenance
  • Roof mounted plant servicing
  • Solar panel installation
  • Roof-mounted mechanical equipment
  • Abseiling

Key features:

  • Simple retrofit design, fall arrest rated
  • Cost-effective, low visual appearance
  • Advanced energy-absorbing properties
  • Simple installation and low-profile system
  • Water tight seals

2. Fall Arrest Systems

A fall arrest system is a vital piece of height safety equipment, worn to restrain you in the event of a fall. Lifesaving and vital to height safety, the Australian government has mandated that all workers in such positions wear a full body harness.
Our comprehensive range of fall arrest equipment includes:

  • Roofer’s kits
  • Height safety harnesses including arborist harnesses, sports harnesses, multi-purpose harnesses
  • Lanyards
  • Pole straps
  • Adjustable rope lines
  • Energy absorbers

3. Roof Access Hatches

The roof access hatch significantly eliminates unnecessary risks and dangers by providing workers with safe internal access to roofs.
Anchor Safe access hatches are available in two styles and are designed to fit a range of metal deck roof profiles and concrete hobs. The sliding roof access hatch option leaves the access point clear and optimises safe functioning in windy conditions. The hinged access hatch allows an easy and safe climb in and out of the building by opening to 90 degrees. It also features twin gas struts to ensure the hatch remains open.

Key Features:

  • Option to powder-coat to blend into any roof surface
  • Easy installation and a low profile
  • Standard and custom sizes available
  • Insulated, dual skin limits the noise penetration
  • Industrial and commercially rated
  • Robust zincalume construction

4. Roof Walkways

For a permanent, maintenance-free height safety solution, roof walkways are the starting point for safety assured access for workers on majority of elevated sites. Providing a robust, non-slip path, all walkways comply with industry standards and are the most effective fall prevention strategy.

Key Features:

  • Cost effective
  • Non-corrosive protection
  • Protects roof sheet fabrications from damage
  • Safe method of access over skylights
  • Manufactured with sustainable materials
  • Powder coated or painted to match your building
  • Choice of aluminium or fibre reinforced polyester

5. Guardrail Systems

Guardrail systems are another top solution in the hierarchy of control measures, offering an effective barrier around elevated surfaces, and greatly reducing the risk of falls. Guardrail systems are so effective that staff are not required to wear a falls arrest system.

Key Features:

  • Cost effective
  • Manufactured with sustainable materials
  • Simple and fast on-site installation
  • Choice of aluminium or fibre reinforced polyester
  • Suitable for a variety of roof surfaces
  • Powder coated or painted to match your building

Don’t risk it any longer! If you work at heights or employ others to do so, you can’t afford to compromise on safety. Contact us today to order vital height safety equipment.

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