Guardrail & Walkway Systems

When it comes to keeping employees and contractors safe, permanent, controlled access guardrail and walkway systems are your first point of call. Our guardrail systems provide an effective barrier around elevated surfaces, while our walkway systems offer a sturdy path with a non-slip surface. Guardrails and walkways are the most recommended fall prevention system in the hierarchy of control measures.

Our roof guardrails and walkways offer complete safety and cost-effective, non-corrosive protection, which means that staff don’t need to wear fall arrest personal protection equipment (PPE) or harnesses.

When it comes to guardrail installation, our products are suited to a variety of different roof surfaces and pitches. Products are prefabricated and modular, which makes for simple and fast on-site installation. Even better, they’re maintenance-free.

When you choose Anchor Safe as your walkway or guardrail installer, you’ll have the choice of fabrication using quality aluminium or FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polyester) components.

Products we supply:

  • OnTrak
  • TrakLite
  • Sentry
  • Pace600


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