When you fall, they fall’ – SafeWork NSW Campaign 2021

Safe Work NSW have based this campaign on research which found that most workers did not consider working on a single storey to be “at heights” and that the impact of a serious injury to themselves and family was the biggest motivator to work safely.

Some Key points from this campaign are:

👉 Most serious and fatal falls are from 4 metres or less

👉 When you fall, they fall” – a fall can be devastating for you and your loved ones.

SafeWork has released some useful working at heights safety resources for the industry including:

Worker falls through void – 1st July 2021

Just this July a 49-year-old tiler fell approximately three metres from the internal first-floor hallway through an unprotected void at a residential construction site in Carlton. The worker sustained a fractured eye socket and serious head injuries. Read the full article on the Safe Work Website.

Motivate & Educate your team today about the dangers of a fall from any height, Contact the team at Anchor Safe to start your journey towards a safer workplace.

SafeWork NSW 2021 Campaign

Can’t decide what safety system to implement?

It can sometimes be difficult to determine what safety system your team needs to get the job done. The Anchor Safe team have came up with a checklist to help this process. Our checklist focuses on four criteria: hazard identification, height safety systems, accessibility & housekeeping and in-house training. Our fall prevention checklist will enable you to deeply analyse these four areas and allow you to think through every aspect of your work environment and its conditions.

We ask questions like: “Can all falls be arrested before they hit the ground or any other lower object?” and “Can three points of contact always be maintained when using the ladders?”

Regularly using our height safety checklist can guarantee your policies, planning and procedures will continue to protect your workers.

Are you still concerned about height safety in your organisation?

Our free online health check will take you through a series of questions relating to height safety in your organisation. Upon completion of the questions, we will develop an individual report for you outlining areas of particular concern.

Free Height Safety Quiz

Are you eligible for the small business rebate?

Check if you’re eligible for the $500 government Rebate. The rebate provides up to $500 to small business owners and sole traders in NSW who buy and install equipment to make their workplace safer.

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