SafeWork NSW Falls From Heights Action Plan

At Anchor Safe, we want everyone to get the message that safe working at heights is a must.

Why? Because falling from heights is not only one of the biggest risks on any building or work site, it remains one of the biggest causes of death and injury on Australian work sites.

SafeWork NSW is serious about getting this message across, too. In their Towards Zero Falls From Heights action plan, they’ve outlined the steps they’ll be taking to eliminate or significantly reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries from falls from heights by 2022.

Strong industry collaboration, a review of best practice safety guidance, and improving scaffolding compliance standards are all part of the plan. As is embedding a zero-tolerance approach to those who place workers’ lives at risk when working at heights.

SafeWork NSW is targeting the top three industries that reported falls from heights fatalities and serious injuries – the construction, manufacturing and transport industries.

Download the SafeWork NSW Action Plan.

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