SafeWork NSW Construction Blitz On Falls From Heights

Did you know that falling from heights is the number one killer on NSW construction site? These types of deaths tripled between 2013 and 2016. Incident reports revealed that 61% of falls from the construction industry were from workers that fell from a height between 2 and 4 metres.

SafeWork NSW’s Construction Blitz on Falls From Heights conducted a 12 month investigation on these incidents in response to the alarming rise in the number of falls from heights. Their report reveals that most workers fell from/through ladders, roofs, scaffold, formwork and penetration – with builders, carpenters, labourers, form-workers and roofers being the most at-risk job.

From these project findings, SafeWork NSW aimed to raise awareness of the dangers of working at heights, educate employers and workers on best safety practices, and securing compliance where necessary.

The project ran a number of public awareness campaigns, educational events, and provided financial incentives for small businesses. SafeWork NSW also introduced on-the-spot fines for employers putting workers’ lives at risk by not providing proper fall protection.

The project discovered a large number of sites where workers were at risk of falls from incomplete scaffolds and unprotected edges. Scaffoldings saw the highest level of non-compliance, with some scaffolds having missing planks, ledges and hoppus. There was also seen to be inadequate edge protection on building edges and roofs.

The SafeWork NSW report includes a comprehensive list of scaffolding safety requirements. These requirements includes: the base plate positioned on a flat and sound surface, the deck is aligned toa slab height (or within 300mm), and also all working decks having mid and top handrails. 

Read the SafeWork NSW report to learn more about the Construction Blitz project and their findings. The report includes further information about their educational events, incentives and rebates, as well as their official SafeWork NSW inspector checklist.

Ensure your site is compliant and your workers are properly protected from falls from a height.

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