Halfway Point Results – SafeWork NSW Falls from Heights Blitz

At the halfway point of SafeWork NSW’s 12-month blitz on falls from heights, they have visited 1,218 sites resulting in 1499 improvement notices, 727 Prohibition Notices and 352 penalty notices amounting to $972,000 dollars. As SafeWork continues to prioritise the safety of workers at heights through unannounced site visits and promoting awareness around PCBU legal obligations, it’s imperative for employers, landlords, building managers and stakeholders alike to redouble their efforts in fostering a culture of safety, upholding compliance and ensuring your minimising fall hazards on your sites.

In Australia, the impact of falls from heights in the workplace continues to reverberate, leaving a trail of devastating consequences. In 2022 alone, falls from heights accounted for a staggering 17 deaths and 28,100 serious claims, marking it as the second highest cause of worker fatalities.

Beyond the human toll, the financial burden is also substantial, with the industry bearing a colossal annual cost of 4.4 million dollars. Additionally, the average compensation claim results in an alarming eight weeks of lost time, further highlighting the ripple effect on productivity and workforce well-being.

As we confront the ongoing impact of falls from heights, the Anchor Safe team have created a few helpful tools to assist our valued clients in effectively conveying the crucial message to their employees. These tools emphasise and clearly highlight the benefits & need of investing in compliant height safety access systems to ensure your height safety obligations are met and your workers are safe.

The Anchor Safe team are committed to supporting our clients in ensuring that their properties meet compliance. Reach out to the team if you feel the above tools could help your team in emphasising the need for safe access systems.

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  • We’re trained and experienced in spotting potential hazards that others might overlook.
  • Proper installation of a quality and compliant systems will provide long-term safety and compliance with minimal ongoing costs.
  • We stay informed about any changes or updates to the standards to give our clients ongoing confidence in their compliance.
  • We genuinely care for the safety of workers and we’re committed to keeping workers and rooftops safe, always.


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