Chilling statistics remind of importance of fall prevention

Safe Work Australia produce an annual report that provides information on the circumstances of work-related deaths.

According to their most recent statistics, published on 30 May , the number of workers killed from a fall from height in 2017 was 26, one more fatality than in 2016.

Falls from height were the cause of 12% of work-related fatalities in 2017. These statistics are in line with the 10-year average but lower than in 2016 where 14% of worker related deaths were caused by falls from height.

 Reducing the risk of a fall from height

Safe Work Australia recommend the following ways to minimise the risk of falls:

  1. Eliminate the need to work at height wherever possible
  2. Install a fall prevention system

Installation of a fall prevention system

Installing fall prevention systems should be carried out by experts after assessing the site to find the appropriate solution for the circumstances.

All equipment installed with the purpose of preventing a fall, such as guard rails, barriers or work platforms should be accompanied by procedures on how to maintain and use them.

The Work Safe Australia statistics are a chilling reminder of the need to prevent workplace falls. With the right height safety system in place it is possible to work at heights safely and without incident.

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Safe Work Australia: