Three Must-Dos to Prevent Rooftop Falls

If you have employees or contractors working on your rooftop, providing a safe working environment and preventing falls is absolutely critical. Here are the three essential steps to take for rooftop safety:

  1. Assess the risks
    You need to audit current rooftop risks and whether any existing height safety equipment is compliant with Australian Standards. Any auditor you employ or contract should provide a report that rates each level of risk and provides a clear set of priorities to address.
  2. Upgrade height safety
    Your audit should recommend any necessary upgrades to your height safety systems. Make sure you go for quality equipment that’s installed by experts to Australian Standards.
  3. Maintain and recertify
    Height safety systems aren’t in the ‘set and forget’ category. They must be correctly maintained and a lot of equipment requires annual recertification. If you outsource this job, make sure you hire a credible safety company that stays fully up-to-date with changes to standards, can make ongoing recommendations to ensure you stay compliant, and has online systems that keep you fully informed about compliance status and risks that need addressing. If you keep this responsibility in-house, ensure you factor in the full process: equipment, systems, manuals, roof inductions and ongoing training.