System Solutions

Each industry and individual’s height safety solution needs vary, thus requiring someone with an in-depth understanding. Anchor Safe not only has the expertise, but the experience, to provide customisable and all-encompassing height safety solutions.

Anchor Safe has worked on multiple projects with councils, facility management and in the retail industry. From this experience, we understand the various requirement each project will need to secure the safety of workers and ensure the project runs smoothly.


We have worked with both metropolitan and regional councils across Australia. Our clients are responsible for small projects, to large ones with over 100 buildings. These clients require a team with strong height safety solution experience – and for this, look no further than Anchor Safe. We work closely with councils to accommodate budgetary requirements without ever compromising on quality safety systems.

Our height safety solutions:

  • Preserves building heritage and street appeal
  • Balances upfront investment with ongoing maintenance costs and inspection requirements
  • Prioritise in-depth risk assessments so that solutions can be budgeted over multiple financial years
  • Provide a safe system to access the full range of Council buildings

Facility Management

We provide a fully-outsourced solution for national property portfolios of 1-100+ commercial and industrial buildings. This service removes the responsibility and risk and enables you to focus on the job at hand. From reporting to compliance assistance before or after a property sale – Anchor Safe is there to support and assist you by taking into consideration your specific needs.

Our expertise and experience is evident in the height safety portfolios we currently manage.


Anchor Safe’s height safety knowledge is not limited to just council and facility management project. We have worked closely with a number of retail clients, from small regional shopping centres to Australia’s largest metropolitan retail precincts.

Our scale and experience allows us to provide a fully-outsourced height safety solution for shopping centres nationally. Not only do we provide audits, we also have the knowledge to accommodate height safety for many different applications and access to specialist requirements.

Looking for something else?

If you’re concerned about height safety in your organisation, complete our free online Height Safety Health Check. Upon completion, we will develop an individual report outlining areas of concern. Our Health Check covers organisation details, height safety systems and knowledge and training.

Contact our Anchor Safe team if you have any questions or would like to know more about our services.