BFD SK12 Single Leg Kernmantle Lanyard


SINGLE Leg: 12.0mm Kernmantle Rope BFD SK 12 – 22mm. 16kN gate Triple action karabiners.




The Kernmantle rope single leg BFD Personal Energy Absorbing range are all designed to effectively arrest a fall whilst minimising the shock loads on the body. The ‘Tear Tape’ technology shock pack utilises a contolled tearing action that is initiated when the lanyard is ‘loaded’ during the fall and limits the fall arrest forces to below 6kN. The shock pack features a unique Velcro attach cover that provide a 100% inspection as well as the potential to clean & dry the pack contents if necessary. The cover is also designed to protect the label pack, conveniently sewn into the tear tape material.

Additional information

Additional information


Diameter: 12,00mm
Hand-washing: 40 Degrees
Max service life: 10 years
Max number of persons: 1
Temperature: from 45 degrees to -35 degrees
Suspension element: KM12


Size: 2m
Weight: 0,94 kg


Karabiner on anchoring point side: KOBRA TRI
Karabiner on belt side: KOBRA TRI


Material: Polyamide, Steel
Webbing material: Polyamide
Rope material: Polyamide

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