Roof Anchor Point Systems Sydney

Our roof anchor points make it easy for workers in Sydney to keep themselves safe.

Why you need roof anchor point systems

Roof anchor points are an important part of height safety. They help minimise the risk of injury for those working at high altitudes. For example, if a worker happens to slip whilst their harness is attached to a roof anchor point, their fall will be controlled and any pendulum effect will be minimised. Usually, said worker will be able to return to work immediately.

At Anchor Safe, we are passionate about height safety. Our roof anchor points are designed specifically for workers, providing superior comfort, ease of movement and safety. This is why we are now one of the most trusted and sought after roof anchor point installers in Sydney.

Building owners, managers and even government clients are now turning to us for height safety solutions. With specialised knowledge, talented professionals and a variety of services, we pride ourselves in supplying superior solutions Sydney-wide. Experienced and independent, we have been providing specialised advice and installing roof safety anchor points in the Sydney area for over 10 years.

From gutter maintenance to plant servicing and solar panel installation, our team of professionals have worked with a variety of different businesses to help improve height safety in the workplace.

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We choose the right roof anchor point for you

The type of roof anchor points you need will vary depending on the job and building so it is crucial to get professional advice on the matter. Our roof anchor point installers will help you decide on the appropriate roof anchor point system for your needs. We can also provide customised systems for every application.

At Anchor Safe, we are passionate about delivering a customised experience. Roof anchor points are a significant part of height safety, so you must make sure you get everything right!

Our two most common roof anchor point systems are surface mounted roof safety anchor points and concrete mounted roof safety anchor points. The surface mount anchor points are suitable for the majority of metal roofs whilst the Concrete Mount Anchor Points are typically found on high-rise buildings. The Surface Mount Anchor Points also have the benefit of being easy to install.

Roof anchor points are used in conjunction with other height safety personal protection equipment (PPE). Anchor Safe stocks a range of complementary equipment to use alongside roof safety anchor points for peace of mind.


Roof Anchor Points Sydney

Improve height safety and minimise the risk of injury with Anchor Safe. Our experienced anchor roof point installers offer customised roof anchor points for your building, now available in Sydney.

Headed by Project Manager Glen Hacket, our height safety team in Sydney has over 10 years experience in the area. With excellent customer service and premium roof anchor point systems on offer, Anchor Safe has become one of the most trusted anchor roof point installers Sydney-wide.

We don’t just supply height safety equipment and roof anchor points, we provide a personalised experience and build lasting relationships with our clients. Our team of safety specialists can help you complete an audit and identify any potential hazards. We also help you verify you’re complying with current codes and legislation.

As times change, we’ll be right there by your side. Our experts will help you rectify any issues and keep up with legislation to make sure you’re meeting even the toughest of standards. Leave height safety to us so you can focus on growing your business.

Our expert roof anchor point installers always have the comfort and safety of workers in mind. Get in touch today and find out how we can help you with your next roof anchor point job in Sydney.


Our roof anchor point systems offer many benefits:

  • Simple retrofit design, fall arrest rated
  • Cost-effective, low visual appearance
  • Advanced energy-absorbing properties
  • Simple installation and low profile system
  • Water tight seals

We supply respected roof anchor products, including:

  • 3Sixty
  • Low-Pro
  • Cobra
  • X-Plora
  • Stealth

We make sure your anchors are compliant, year after year

Anchor Safe’s installation professionals have been extensively trained to comply with AS/NZS 1891 – Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices. As part of the installation, Anchor Safe supplies installation certificates and manuals as required by AS/NZS 5532.

Under AS/NZS 1891 anchors must be tested annually. As a full service provider Anchor Safe will arrange this for you, and we can also manage the rigorous record-keeping through our cloud based reporting system.

To find out more about roof anchors and how they can be used to comply with Australian OHS laws, speak now with a Height Safety Specialist.

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