Overhead Rail Systems Canberra

Continuous and effective free moving fall protection

Keep multiple workers safe at heights in Canberra with our overhead rail systems.

With years of experience in the height-safety industry, our Canberra team knows the best equipment for keeping your workers safe while working at heights. At Anchor Safe, we provide functional, practical and safe roof equipment that meets Australian safety standards for your team to rely on.

Our overhead rail systems are proprietary abseil and fall arrest systems, designed to provide continuous and effective fall protection whenever your personnel are working at heights in Canberra. We know that no rooftop, height work or maintenance is the same, that is why we have designed our overhead rail systems to be installed on a wide range of structures. These include, but are not limited to, structural steel work, roof purlins, metal roof decks and concrete structures.

Overhead Rail System Uses

For optimal use, the overhead fall arrest system should be used in combination with a retracting lifeline. This ensures that your workers always remain in a fall restraint position and reduces the risk of a mid-air suspension. When the overhead rail system is used as an abseil system, it eliminates the need to connect and reconnect to individual anchor points and means your workers can easily and safely move along the length of rail.

Here at Anchor Safe we don’t compromise on quality. We only use the highest quality materials to fabricate our overhead fall arrest systems. You can be confident knowing that our products will last for years, no matter what the harsh Australian weather throws at it. We also offer regular maintenance of your overhead rail systems in Canberra and recertification ensure they continue to meet ever-changing Australian safety guidelines.

Benefits include:

  • Uninterrupted, smooth functionality
  • Minimal deflection in the rail system during a fall
  • Increased number of users per rail system
  • Neat and unobtrusive, with an option for powdercoating

Overhead rail products we supply in Canberra:

  • Raptor
  • Edge
  • Raptor Groove


To find out more about how we can supply and install, or maintain and recertify overhead rail systems in Canberra, contact us today!

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