Height Safety Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is classified as anything used or worn to minimise risk to workers’ health and safety. PPE includes harnesses, lanyards & inertia reels, adjustable rope linesharness kits, karabiners, temporary anchors, winches and rescue kits. PPE is mandatory for all labour hire workers to wear whilst on construction and building sites. Information and proper training on how and why they are used is also required.

While PPE is required onsite, not all protective equipment is made equal or interchangeable. When choosing PPE, you need to consider what is right for the job. Personal protection equipment must not only minimise risk to health and safety, but also be suitable for the nature of the work and hazards associated with the project.

Anchor Safe is a trusted expert in height safety solutions. We only offer high-quality protective equipment that is designed with safety at the forefront. All our PPE offerings are specific to the needs of worksites involving heights.

Height safety is Anchor Safe’s bread and butter. You can check how efficient and comprehensive your organisation’s safety systems are by taking our free Height Safety Health Check. Upon completion, you will receive an individual report that outlines areas of concern as well as a better understanding of how you can implement protective equipment to better your systems.

Otherwise, you can test your organisation’s ability to prevent workplace falls with our Fall Prevention Checklist. At the end of the day, your workers’ safety is your number on priority. Ensuring best safety practices are in place can be easily checked with Anchor Safe’s resources and implemented with our collection of PPE.

When your employees are working on rooftops, or in need of support material-lifting support, there is no PPE supplier that you can trust more than Anchor Safe’s range. Shop our protective equipment online or contact our expert team to help you find the right equipment for your project and workers.

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