Height Safety Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Anchor Safe supplies a wide range of certified, high quality and reliable personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep Australian workers at heights safe. Our extensive range of PPE for working at height includes harnesses, lanyards & inertia reels, adjustable rope lines, harness kits, karabiners, temporary anchors, winches and rescue kits. As Australia’s trusted experts in height safety solutions you can rely on Anchor Safe to provide the right products and advice to suit your specific needs.

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Fall arrest harness with 2.0m lanyard displayed on a dummy SPYDA temporary anchor point deployed on a corrugated metal roof with a worker attached by lanyard Energy absorbing lanyard with double scaffold hook

What is PPE for working at heights and when do you need it?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is classified as anything used or worn to minimise risk to workers’ health and safety.

Not all protective equipment is made equal or interchangeable. When choosing PPE for working at height, you need to consider what gear is right for the job. Personal protection equipment must not only minimise risk to health and safety but also be suitable for the nature of the work and hazards associated with the project.

Ensure you meet stringent Australian height safety requirements and get the right gear for the job, let Anchor Safe advise and supply your height safety PPE needs. Anchor Safe offers only the highest quality protective equipment that is designed with safety at the forefront. We handpick our PPE from the best suppliers with emphasis on safety, reliability and comfort.

Bi-annual recertification of height safety PPE

The standard requires that all personal use equipment (harness, lanyard, connectors and fall arrest devices) and common use equipment (ropes, slings, fall arrest devices and mobile attachment devices) are inspected by the competent operator before and after each use. Where the operator is not competent (e.g. during operator training), these inspections should be carried out by a height safety expert.

Anchor Safe’s installation professionals have been extensively trained and can provide re-certification and maintenance as a one-off or as part of an ongoing recertification plan to help maintain your compliance and best practices.

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Are your height safety practices up to scratch 

Height safety is Anchor Safe’s bread and butter. We’ve created our Free Height Safety Health Check so you can better understand how efficient and comprehensive your organisation’s safety systems are. Upon completion, you will receive a custom report that outlines any areas of concern as well as advice on how you can implement protective equipment to better your systems. You can also test your organisation’s ability to prevent workplace falls with our Fall Prevention Checklist.

Height Safety Health Check Fall Prevention Checklist

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