What emergency procedures should be considered in a workplace fall?

It is important to note that anyone working from heights can suffer an accident. Regardless of experience or weather conditions, incidents happen on a regular basis across Australia.

According to statistics published by Safe Work Australia, more than 230 workers between 2003 and 2011 died after falling from heights. While this figure is much lower than in the 1980s or ’90s, there were still too many people who did not return to their families after work.

More than 230 workers died after a fall from a height between 2003 and 2011.

The real take-away message of these numbers is that more can be done to both prevent accidents through training and the way that people respond to accidents on the worksite. In this article, we’ll look at this latter issue and outline the key procedures that need to be managed to prompt a quick response.

Based on Safe Work Australia’s 2015 report, titled Managing the Risk of Falls at Workplaces, there are a number of elements that form a sound emergency response. This includes:

Rescuer capability

In the event of a working from height accident, you need to trust that your team has the skills and knowledge to potentially save the life of a co-worker. As well as being able to assess the relevant danger to other people on site, Safe Work Australia explains that these individuals must be trained in everything from firefighting equipment and breathing apparatuses to lifelines and first-aid.

If the workplace is in a remote or isolated location, the response of your team to a fall-related accident could be the difference between life and death. This highlights the value of working at heights courses and emergency response training.


Emergency procedures must be implemented on every site.


Based on insight from the Nonprofit Risk Management Center, one of the barriers to workplace safety is communication, as many business leaders don’t speak about the issues around accidents. However, communication can also be a problem in the moments after a workplace fall incident.

In the event that the accident occurs well above the ground, it is essential for workers to communicate with personnel on the ground. Whether this is to call for emergency services, ask for assistance or relay other dangers, a radio system is vital on every site.

If this is not possible, cell phones can provide the vital link to prevent another unnecessary working from heights death.

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