Turnkey Solution for one of Australia’s trusted building product brands

Project: CSR Hebel

Sector: Facility Management

Case Studies in Australia

The height of safety

For the past year, Anchor Safe has worked closely with the Australian brand CSR – providing height safety audits for their buildings and PPE equipment. When a fall arrest system was needed inside their processing plant, CSR turned to us. CSR Hebel reached out to the team to design, engineer, supply and install a fall arrest system capable of restraining 2 people simultaneously in the vertical direction.

Delivering results from top to bottom

The Anchor Safe team designed a system that had uninterrupted, smooth functionality which enhanced user safety & confidence. Our technicians installed a raptor rail fall arrest system, which was mounted onto an I beam and spanned over 42 meters, allowing for works to be carried out on top of the machines at ease.  Along with the raptor rail install we also supplied the correct PPE & lanyard system to ensure the raptor rail is used effectively.

Anchor Safe’s full-service approach gave our client peace of mind knowing that employees are safe, risks are minimised, and responsibilities are met. Our client has real time access to online asset registers and receives timely reminders for re-certification and maintenance.

Products Supplied & Installed

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