Safety before golf at Australia’s Championship Golf club

Project: Rich River Golf Club

Sector: Facility Management

Case Studies in Australia

The height of safety

Golf has taken off in Australia with approximately 10% of the population playing golf naming it the number one participant sport. Rich River Golf Club are home to two distinct championship golf courses along the banks of the Murray.

Large facilities like these that cater for not only golf, but accommodation usually have strict maintenance & cleaning programs in place. This means that a high level of traffic is frequently accessing the roofs. Without safe access onto the roof and a safe area to work once on the roof, maintenance programs become extremely tedious.

Anchor Safe was contacted by Rich River Golf Club as they were not satisfied with their current access to the roof and realised the need for compliant systems. The team designed and installed a number of height safety systems that was safe, easy to use & minimised impact to the Golf Clubs façade all while enjoying the view of the immaculately groomed green.

 Delivering results from top to bottom

The system included stairway access to the roof with a custom security screen around the base and access platform upon entry to the roof.
The system also included a number of platforms and ladders to gain access to different levels of the roof & walkways to frequently maintained plant and equipment.

Anchor Safe also trained the whole rich river maintenance crew on how to safely use the systems installed and each underwent a working safely at heights course in order to provide peace of mind solutions.

Download the case study for more photos of the height safety systems we installed. 

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