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Date Published 5th November 2020

What do you need to be ready for Summer? When Summer arrives, it brings with it a unique set of risks to manage, especially for those working at heights and outdoors in Australia. With all the encouragement to get your aircon units serviced before the onset of heat, this creates a greater demand for workers […]

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National Safe Work Month

Date Published 9th October 2020

Its National Safe Work Month and we’re following Safe Work Australia in the quest for safer work practices. At Anchor Safe, we strongly believe every month is safe work month, however we always look forward to October and the hype around safety. We have recently released a series of Safe Work videos to help your […]

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Latest solar industry developments & key considerations for building owners

Date Published 17th September 2020

As the solar industry hits an all- time high, so does the risk of falls but as the industry grows so does the technology along with it. The solar industry has made many advancements to not only the look and effectiveness of the solar panels but where they can be installed. One advancement that excites […]

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A day in the life of….

Date Published 2nd September 2020

Each day, our height safety installers work high above us all, installing solutions so others can work on top of buildings and infrastructure safely. So let’s take a look at A day in the life of our installers to give you an insight into their day to day activities.   Every  week and day starts […]

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Prepare for the unexpected!

Date Published 26th August 2020

Skylights and plastic roof sheeting are essentially “glorified hidden holes” in the middle of your roof, if unprotected. There have been numerous incidents this year where a worker has fallen through brittle roof sheeting or an unprotected skylight. In one particular incident, a 53-year-old sub-contractor lost his life after falling through polycarbonate roof sheeting. He […]

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Make Safety your TOP PRIORITY

Date Published 4th August 2020

Why run the risk? Taking that extra 5 or 10 minutes to inspect equipment or slightly increasing your budget spend on safety systems could be the difference between life and death. Working at heights is a high-risk activity and a leading cause of death and serious injury in Australia, make safety your top priority today […]

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Winter Dangers | Top 10 Winter Safety Tips

Date Published 13th July 2020

Whenever you’re working at heights, safety has to be your top priority. That means understanding and managing the hazards and risks associated with the site you’re working on, the job you’re doing and the conditions you’re working in, and that includes the weather. You might not be able to control the weather, but there’s things […]

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COVID-19 Hacks from Anchor Safes creative and dedicated team

Date Published 11th June 2020

As your height safety partners, we will be with you at every step in these testing times and will continue to provide safe work environments for those working at heights nation wide. Get to know the height safety specialists you have been dealing with and learn a few COVID-19 Top Tips from our team here […]

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Height Safety Equipment Update & how long your PPE should last

Date Published 22nd May 2020

Updates to Personal Equipment for Work at Height Standards Standards Australia are in the process of releasing revisions to two Standards for Personal for Work at Height – AS/NZS1891.1 and AS/NZ1891.5, The revised standards will outline new regulations for full body, combination and lower-body harnesses, lanyards and pole straps. Standards Australia have however released a […]

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It’s time to step up your Cooling Tower Maintenance

Date Published 10th March 2020

If you have a cooling tower on your site, you know maintenance is something you need to stay on top of with monthly inspections, rigorous testing and cleaning regimes. And with the majority of cooling towers located on the top of buildings, providing safe and easy access for this work to be carried out is […]

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