Achieve the essential 4Cs of height safety training

What are the essential 4Cs of height safety training? It’s simple – but not easily achieved: compliance, convenience, competence and confidence.


Here at Anchor Safe, we believe that training should deliver the latest smarts and specific skills your people need to build a height safety culture and injury-free workplace.


Our Work Safely at Heights course combines clear, comprehensive resources and hands-on practice – all provided by industry specialists with trade experience. Our approach is relevant and down-to-earth – so it translates on the tools.


Provided over one day, onsite or at our training centre, it’s specifically designed for the resources and infrastructure industries.


We help participants learn to instinctively apply the correct height safety working procedures, exposing them to a broad range of everyday risk situations involving roofs, ladders, poles, towers and elevated platforms. It allows them to work at heights competently and confidently, using the relevant fall protection equipment.


From all the right language around equipment to the latest regulations, your people will know and understand the essentials. Crucially, they will learn and practice the right systems, processes and practices to stay safe on the job.


Successfully completed, you achieve more than a competency card. You’ll boost employee and contractor safety, minimise risks and meet your responsibilities.

For a full description, download our training brochure.