How We Work

When you choose Anchor Safe, you’re choosing:

  • An independent advisor. At Anchor Safe, we recognise that independence means integrity. So we’re not tied to any particular products: instead, we’re free to recommend proven, high quality, cost effective solutions and completely customise a system to your needs.
  • A proven and respected name in accredited height safety, access and fall protection systems.
  • A partner, not a player. We aren’t here to just sell product, we’re here to take total responsibility for height safety over the life of your buildings.
  • Complete control, with the full backing of our expert team and user-friendly online asset management tools that keep you updated and in the know.
  • Full compliance with Australian codes, standards and legislation. Our solutions are compliant with AS1891.4:2009 and AS1657-2013 and we are highly experienced at working within these standards and legislation – View here 

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