A day in the life of….

Each day, our height safety installers work high above us all, installing solutions so others can work on top of buildings and infrastructure safely. So let’s take a look at A day in the life of our installers to give you an insight into their day to day activities.


Every  week and day starts the same …..with a toolbox talk about the job and of course, safety!

1.  7am Warehouse (Anchor Safe). Coffee!

2. Discuss week with Manager – Toolbox Talk (Full team). Discuss monthly targets/ jobs/ safety/ any issues or questions that arise.

3. Starting a new job – Meet and discuss job with Project Manager. Review SWMS and Plans – Discuss. Collect materials and load onto ute.


On job site & key to our role ….. Are our PPE and tools

1. Site inductions/ Discuss plans with site manager.

2. Load materials/ harness PPE and tools onto roof/ install.




When we’re up high …..We’ve got the backing of our training and safe planning

1. Review SWMS and Safety throughout the day.




For us, completion means ….. Quality and compliance

1. Complete job – Clean off roof – Sign off works completed – Compile photos and report.





The end of each day ….. Like everyone, is about getting home safely.

1. Return to Warehouse (Anchor Safe)

2. Clean out materials and clean ute.

3. Clean out tools/ batteries on charge for the next day.

5. Review tomorrows job and load up materials.

5pm. Beer o’clock!

Rinse and repeat.



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